Sunday, 13 May 2012

Monday 7th May
Well we would like to say a Big thanks to Craig Basil Hazel Mick Val Debz Colin Bob Dazco Fritz and Bev  for meeting us for a ride to wet wang for fish and chips before we headed to the Ferry in Hull

The weather as been excellent ,Hot and sunny , that was until Saturday night { 12 }
we had a very strong storm that ripped open our tent at 5am. It was a bit scary tring to hold the tent down while grabbing all our kit in the dark.

We found shelter in a Beach Bar, before heading to a near by hotel to dry out . we now hope the weather will improve
Millen will be post out our old tent for us to collect in Bulgaria .

Tomorrow we hope to head south towards Dubrovnik weather permitting .

Dazzer and Leigh




    Crossing from Georgia to Russia via Kazbegi/Vladikavkaz border point May 2012:


    Went Friday 11 May 2012 up from Tbilisi to Kazbegi via Georgian Military Highway. The road is very nice, except for the crossing over the pass, where you have 14 km of really bad road. The rest is brand new and fun to ride.
    Went up to the border point,parked the bike and asked the guy from custom if I can cross as a non russian/georgian/CIS citizen the border. The answer was YES YOU CAN!
    I asked then again, and mentioned that last year the border was closed for foreigners. They said yes, it was closed but now it's open, it is ok to cross to Russia. If you have a russian visa, of course.
    I did not crossed because I wanted to go to Azerbaijan and from there to Turmenistan on the way to Mongolia and Siberia.

  2. Many thanks for your update . That is great news for us. Please keep us posted on your travels and have a great time.

    Dazzer and Leigh