Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sunday 6th May

well after yet another attempt at re packing our kit we managed to lose some items.

I do hope Leigh wont miss her tooth brush and lip gloss ;-)

Joking apart. we moved a few items around and also removed a few and now all seems to fit well.

It  was nice to see Martin and Nick Sykes  turn up for a chat and brew today.

At last we have  finished all the last minute packing and  moved it into the storage room.

8pm and we going to walk down the shop for a bottle of white wine and a can or two of old English Cider.

Lets Start as we mean to carry on....TTFN

Dazzer and Leigh .


  1. 3 Teneres today , mine - blue Darrens white Nic's Yorkshire gold

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