Saturday, 5 May 2012

Saturday the 5th May
I took the Yamaha out for a test run to check out how it would handle with all our kit on it.
after a few tweets to the rear shock and dropping the front forks 20 mm it felt to ride well.

While having dinner with Craig in Penny Garth Cafe at Hawes , I had a txt from swidders saying " just checked your tracker and you have been in the cafe far to long " ... very funny, its almost like being back at work with the Big brother is watching you !!!

The tracker seems to work very well and will allow family and friends to check in and see where we are .

Tomorrow is our rest day after spending a lot of this week packing away the last of our things.

Monday morning at 9am we have some friends calling here for a Beacon sandwich and a brew before we all ride over to the cafe at Fimber to meet up with some more friends for lunch.

Come mid afternoon we will take the back roads down to Hull ready to catch the ferry at tea time.

Not long Now..

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